My Story

My name is Danielle Fenton-Aspinwall. Welcome to our family boutique. I grew up with a Grandmother who loved brooches. She had a jewelry drawer full of intricate texture, sparkle and mostly wonderful memories. She could and would tell you the history of each piece. Where she got it, who she was with when she found it or who gave it to her. She would take me “antique shopping” and whenever she did I would always go instantly to the jewelry, always wondering what their stories were. It was her and this tradition that set me on the path of Jeweled Bouquets. I always had a passion for art and worked with just about every median available, drawing, painting, crafting and sewing. I did it all.
It wasn’t until I was planning my own wedding that I started working with brooches. My Mom asked me about adding brooches to my bridal bouquet to remember my Gram. Once I started looking up brooch bouquets, I said “that’s it”, I have to have this for my wedding. So I searched but, I couldn’t find one I loved. Either the quality was disappointing or they just weren’t what I was envisioning. I knew I wanted one, I mean you can have flowers anytime, this was my one time I could really be unique and I wanted no surprises, no disappointment! That is when I decided to combine what I learned as a child, my Grandmother’s love for brooches, add in my creativity and style to create a Jeweled Bouquet. When my bouquet was complete, I had an amazing bouquet that I would treasure forever. The response from my family and friends was amazing. My friends and family started wanting me to make them a bouquet so I started Jeweled Bouquets. Jeweled Bouquets has now evolved and grown into Couture Jewelry Bouquets. We are so happy to have you here. Let us make your wedding day last a lifetime.

Couture Jewelry Bouquets by Danielle Aspinwall

I get inspired by textures, colors, time periods, and by the fine details on wedding dresses


My Approach

Meet With you and find your personality and desire

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